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Your Health Your Choice Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c) (3), educational organization dedicated to reviving the spirit and transforming the practice of medicine. The Institute is working to create a more effective, comprehensive and compassionate model of health care and health education. The Center’s model combines the precision of modern science and medical technology with the wisdom of the world’s healing traditions, to help health professionals heal themselves, their patients and clients, and their communities.

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“An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning.”

—Max Planck Autobiography (New York, 1949)

We are dedicated

…to empowering our clients with scientific knowledge using the Spectra-Vision Evaluations taking action to improve their health measurably—one family at a time.


Our Mission: Research and Education using
Integrative Therapies to Enhance
Brain and Body since 1978

Q: What is Your Health Your Choice Foundation?
A: Non-profit Research and Education Organization. YHYC Appreciates donations from individuals and organizations who want to support the continuing work of helping learning challenged children, teens and adults reach their potential. It is a qualified 501 c (3) and is listed in the National CCR Registry.
Q: Where is the Corporate Headquarters of the YHYC Foundation?
A: 1155 W. Pioneer Blvd. Suite 103-444, Mesquite, Nevada 89027
www.SetiADD.org • www.ISHIM.us • www.RAAAN.org
Q: What are the goals of the organization?
A: Research of Body-Brain therapies, and the Collection of clinical data that can be immediately applied. Knowledge of thousands of clinical cases can be used by researchers which can then benefit children, teens and adults with learning challenges in the U.S.A. and in the International Community.
Q: What is the scope and length of this work?
A: Research Began in 1978 and is ongoing to the present date. The cumulative data includes thousands of cases, over several decades.
Q: Who are the “Sound Health Counselors” who guide each person through their Voyage into Recovery?
A: Directors and Advisors of the Institute for Sound Health & Integrative Medicine is Dr. Jess Groesbeck M.D., Dr. Steven J. Klomp DMD, Bradley William Meads Esq. legal counsel, and Karyne Richardson-Meads Clinical Director and Principal Pathologist, Neuroscientist & Research Investigator. They direct both full time and part-time staff, volunteers, as well as consulting professionals who have training in Education and Learning Disabilities, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Integrative Natural Health Care.
Each client, whether a child or adult person who is accepted into the program, receives initial training and then follow-up counseling from the Sound Health team under direction from the YHYC board of directors and advisors for optimum success.
Q: What are the benefits for a child or teen if they want to be included in this Association and therapeutic research program?
A: More than two decades of research and knowledge is applied to a personal “Voyage into Recovery” on a day-to-day basis. The Inter-active Web site provides a very detailed Matrix of information for Sound Health Counselors to see trends, as well as spot potential problems during the month by month counseling.
Q: What specific areas of knowledge are being studied?
A: Neurology and Neuro-toxicology and related Immunology, Homotoxicology and Environmental toxicology, Dental-Brain toxicology studies, Endocrinology, Allergy and Electro-Magnetic Polarity imbalances, Severe digestion Dysbiosis and Malabsorption and its relationship to brain function, Enzyme Metabolic Imbalance research, Chinese Herbology & Energy Medicine, Rain Forest Herbology, Psychological and Organic Brain development and Maturation when impeded by toxicity, and finally, Sound Entrainment based on the 45 year research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis MD, for Brain Neuro-plasticity possibilities during childhood maturation and development. Brain Fitness for Healthy Seniors programs are now also available.
Q: What does it cost to have the “Sound Health Counselors” from the SETI Institute employ the research data that is collected by the YHYC Foundation?
A: The Foundation covers most of these costs. Through grants and gifts to the YHYC Foundation, and the Healthy Ever After Perpetual Endowment FUND children everywhere can now benefit immediately from the huge data base of knowledge while they are in the program.
Q: What is the YHYC Fulfillment Center and who directs its Operation?
A: Since January of 2005 the YHYC Interactive web site and Fulfillment Center operates under the direction of Jolene Lee. Jolene has over 35 years in business management and operations. She and her staff orders specialized products from hundreds of companies that have all been tested and researched through the YHYC Foundation. Often products are formulated as to potency and dilution, specifically for the individual client. There is no other personalized service like this in the world. The YHYC Fulfillment Center ensures that all products (including the SetiSMART Sound Technology) are shipped directly to the homes where they are needed worldwide.
Q. What is Evidence-Based Research?
A: Collection of data on the web site and in e-mails is paid for to outside research services. This is a growing library of “evidence based research”—a term used to indicate it is functionally sound, safe and effective. (Please see Dr. Sidney Baker M.D. article: “The Medicine we are Evolving.” We are committed to empowering families to use this knowledge to regain health and vitality. The YHYC Center does not seek to make a profit financially. It is not a wholesale ordering center. It is a not-for-profit organization which is research based and partially funded by grants.. Products used in each OMFP (foundational program) are priced at cost- plus 3% for the Fulfillment Center’s operating costs.
Q: Can a clients use the YHYC research services using their own products that they purchase themselves? What is the Policy and Procedure of the Foundation?
A: When a person is accepted into the Research program and the Sound Health Association, Sound Health Counselors monitor all results during the Voyage into Recovery. General progress and health, as well as allergic reactions affecting brain function are closely monitored during the entire program. Much of the research is focused at finding and integrating the most advanced and safest methods that have measurable results. Mixing one’s own products defeats the exactness of the research.
If specific products are indicated for a client that is accepted into the SETI program, and those products are customarily ordered by the YHYC Fulfillment Center: Products must be listed and reported on the YHYC and SETI forms for reporting and research purposes, and they must be ordered by YHYC Foundation to keep accurate records of results.
Q: What is required once a person is accepted into the Association and Research program?
A: Follow guidelines of the combined YHYC and SETI protocols. These include the requirement to Report weekly (or at least several times per month) directly to their assigned Sound Health Counselor. After each quarterly in person Re-Evaluation, on going counseling and changes will be given to each person about their individualized program. If guidelines of DIF1 (Duration, Intensity, & Frequency) are not followed, a person may not be eligible to continue in the YHYC Research program and/or receive counseling through the SETI Institute.
Q: When is the program finished?
A: When the Sound Health Counselors and parents feel that the maximum benefits of the program have been reached, a Maintenance Protocol will be given. This is determined jointly every three months during the Quarterly Review of progress. The maintenance program may include the use of Sound Entrainment and products needed to maintain the progress reached through intensive Protocols of the Voyage into Recovery. During Maintenance Membership the client has the opportunity to receive a yearly SCAN with the most current technology and continue reporting quarterly to YHYC and order key products that are helpful in maintaining health and mental focus.


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